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There was a time not long before when games were looked upon as an outdoor activity. Now a trend of online gaming has emerged. Online gaming among kids has been increasing, and outdoor activities has now been eliminated and replaced by internet gaming. Like everything online gaming too has some pros and cons as well. Although these online games are highly addictive but this does not mean that they should not be played.

Kinds of Cool math games

There is variety of online games for girls and for boys. Every kinds of games. Some are just for entertainment; some are for learning and some actually to test your skills. There are games of all kind of subjects. Math games which help you fasten up your mathematics. English games helping you improve your vocabulary. Science games to build your concepts stronger. Chemistry games to help you memorize chemicals. Almost games relating to all subjects. These games mix up studies with entertainment. You can say a better way to study. They are not that effective but they do help to some exten
There are games which are not related to your studies but they help you improve your other skills. There are millions of websites for such games. One of the very popular one is “”. It’s a very popular brain training website for people interested in online gaming. Here one of the most popular online game is parking mania.This type of game varies from other types of games. Parking mania is a game which requires a certain amount of skill to park the car or whatever vehicle in the designated space provided without bumping or crashing the car.You can start initially from a beginners level that provides you with one vehicle and one parking space and later in the levels get tougher with more obstacles.
There are many benefits of this game. Parking mania helps the player to enhance their parking skills which will help them in practical life to some extent. The art of placing the car perfectly comes with practice and requires technique. Planning schemes and executing them properly is not an easy task, but you can ascertain the effective and least difficult techniques via parking mania. Also the game helps you learn from the bad moves and mistakes by bumping and crashing car which you cannot in real life. Also, when you have cleared and understood the basic levels you can easily tackle the harder and experts levels. As you go higher on these levels the more obstacles you face and the game bring you more exciting challenges. One happy factor of this game is that nowadays many games are violent and destructive. They involve fighting and bloodshed and harsh things. Parking mania is a completely nonviolent game. No gore or destruction, but in fact its a simple game.By simple it does not means that its boring, it is exciting and suprising because it helps you use your skills and is also very addictive. Different levels have different goals along with parking the vehicle, including valet racing parking,earning a wage and many more. So the game builds up your interest the further you move in the game.

Also, if you are bad at the game and keep crashing the car, there is no need to panic or chicken out. You would not be disqualified or thrown out of the game. You can always restart and even play the previous level to regain a better concept of it. I personally believe it’s a very helpful game for learner drivers. As during the game you can have an aerial perspective which you cannot have in reality. Many new learners get confused when in the real car, but with this you get to gain some confidence for driving. It is a good game and definitely helps you build some or the other skills.

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