How to choose the right hair color for you

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Choosing the right hair color is not as easy as picking your favorite colored clothes. You need to consider a lot of factors before picking the right hair color for you such as your skin tone, your natural hair color etc. These two factors are considered important for picking the correct shade for you. In this article I would like to make sure that you choose the right hair dye for you.

Plan your look:

First of all you need to plan your new look. You need toimage that how will you look change and are you ready to accept the change? If you are a working woman or a college going girl then you should think of the rules at your work place. In the second step you should collect the digital pictures of hair colors and for that you can take help from magazines or computer. Now you need to save those pictures and show them to your hair stylist for further guidance.

Decide if you need haircut:

Before choosing the hair color you need to decide that if you need a haircut or not. If you need a haircut then you should get your hair cut first before applying hair color. This will not only save your money but also save hair color as well. With fresh cutting the results of hair color look amazing and your entire appearance will be changed.  Now you should discuss with your hair stylist and he will guide you more. For example if you are not ready for a dramatic change like shades of red color or auburn color then you need to choose one shade darker than your natural hair. Then you need to discuss that how much time is required and how much money is needed for the hair treatment.

Check your skin tone:

Another main thing which really matters is your skin tone. To check your skin tone you should see the colors of your veins and it can help to determine whether you have cool skin tone or warm skin tone. Stand in a natural light and hold your arms. Then you need to look at your wrist. If your veins look like blue it means your skin tone is coo and if your veins look green it means your skin tone is warm. You can also use color paper to determine your skin tone. Get several pieces of colored papers for example red, white, green, silver, yellow or blue. Hold the paper next to your face. Now if your skin looks better with red or yellow paper, then you are warming toned. If your skin looks better with green and blue paper then you are cool toned.

Apart from skin color you can check some most use auburn hair color styles nowadays. If you have brown or hazel colored eyes then you need to try chocolate brown hair color. If your eyes are blue or grey then you need to try golden blond hair color. There are varieties of shades of hair colors like red, brown, blonde or many shades. Now you need select the shade according to your skin color.

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