A Proper Introduction To Search Engine Optimization

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So you want to get into the search engine optimization world? We are going to give you a proper introduction, so that you can start off with the right foot. We are aware that SEO – despite what some people say – is not easy nor affordable. We are going to talk about the major problem of SEO in just a moments, so that you can see if Calgary SEO services is really for you.

The Big Problem:

The biggest problem with SEO is the following: it requires a lot of patience and money. The good old days when you could rank for merely $10 a keyword are long gone now. In fact, in the past SEO was like the Old West, you could simply blast over a few million spammy backlinks and get the first page for many competitive keywords – but the game has changed radically in fact. Nowadays we can say that in search engine optimization quality is more important than quantity.

Ranking a website requires a good investment of time and money. If you are planning to do this project by the cheap and dedicate little to no attention to this, then we can say with confidence that you are going to fail miserably.

So you now have you seen what the biggest problem with SEO is: it requires a lot of patience from your end, and a lot of cash as well. But the nice of this is that, if you manage it very well, then you will obtain excellent returns – take it for granted.

Now we will get into more specific topics of SEO. Because we want you to learn it the right way, and this article is going to teach you the fundamentals of this profitable part of internet marketing.

Keyword Research:

Keyword research plays a fundamental role in search engine optimization. Most pros in this art agree that if your keyword research is not spot on, your campaign is just going downhill.

We can say that the essence of SEO resumes on how well you do your keyword research. You should invest plenty of time into it, otherwise we are sad to say it, but you are simply investing your money into something that won’t generate you good returns.

A keyword research is like your blueprint, it will show you what routes you need to follow in order to accomplish your goals. Your KW research will also allow you to know what you must expect from your campaign (traffic, potential income) and due to that, you will be able to destine more resources to those keywords that can offer you the best return.

And just to close this point. The keyword research also offers you the starting point for your on-page and off-page. Without a good selection of keywords, you are simply driving towards nowhere. You need clear directions, and your KW research will bring them.

On-Page Optimization:

Your on-page optimization should be simply perfect. Without a proper on-page you won’t rank as good as you should. If you want to save money in the off-page stage of this SEO project, then you need to make your on-page optimization perfect and clear. Because if you do, then you will need less links to rank.

Try to make your content lengthy and media-rich. If you want to get more analytic with this aspect of SEO, then you can search for your keyword in Google and see the content length for the top-10 ranks, then just make an average and write your content based on the results obtained by your research.

And just as a plus: try to play around with Schema.org. There are many wordpress plugins that allow you to add schema to your site, and there are many SEOs that say that the addition of schema to their website has shown excellent results. And also, don’t forget to link to authority sites in your niche if you want to get better rankings.


And finally here we have the off-page. In order to rank, you will have to build links – that’s a universal truth in the vast, entertaining and sometimes strange world of SEO. But you should try to get clean backlinks from high quality sites in your niche. You can get them by outreaching or simply by creating very HQ content that invites your readers to link back to it.

Your off-page can make it or break it. If you want to get excellent results, then you need to be very careful at the hour of building your backlinks, that’s why you need to analyze the anchor text % you are going to use, along with the link type and the source of it.


Search engine optimization is quite exciting and very profitable. We hope this article served as a proper introduction.

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